Pressure Boosting System -> MHBS Series


C.R.I. MHBS series are compactly designed such that the complete system is mounted on a right base.It occupies less space due to its compact design and maintains even water pressure in all the outlets.When the pressure drops below a pre-set level the pump will automatically start-up to meet the demand and turns off when the pressure attains the maximum pre-setressure.

Special Features

    • Control of pumps by means of a pressure switch
    • Inbuilt thermal overload protector
    • Lesser running cost than the conventional systems
    • No manual interference to operate the plumbing system
    • High operating efficiency
    • Factory tested system and supplied as a package[/tab]


Flow Range : upto 12 m3/hr
Max.Pressure : 5.0 bar
Temperature : 00C to +900C


Residential building, industries , hotels , hospitals , schools , apartments and bungalows.

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