Special Pumps -> MHD Series


C.R.I. MHD series are horizontal multistage non-self priming centrifugal pump,attached with long shaft electric motor.These Pumps are compactly built with single phase input thermal protector.The most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in the manufacture of these pumps using quality raw material.


Power Range : 0.25 kW-2.2 kW
Max.Flow Rate : 28 m3/hr
Total Head : 65 mtrs
Max.Liquid Temp : upto 900C
Max.Environmental Temperature : +500C
Max.Operating Pressure : 10 bar


Water treatment process,industrial cleaner and dishwasher,water boosting on process,heating and cooling industrial process,air-conditioning system,air refreshing and heater device (soft water),water supply and boosting(drinking water and light chlorine water),fertilization/metering system and many more special usage

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